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R&B Star Being Sued

R&B Star Being Sued

(July 26, 2017) – R&B star Usher is being sued for $20M by an Atlanta woman, who claims she tested positive for Herpes after an unprotected sexual encounter.

The Atlanta woman said Usher did not tell her that he has Herpes prior to an unprotected sexual encounter three months ago. She claims that she has tested positive for the disease.

The woman has also raised her demands in a lawsuit from $10 million to $20 million against the 38-year-old Burn singer – whose real name is Usher Raymond IV – according to a Monday report from TMZ.

The decision was made after the accuser received medical results from an STD test on Saturday, according to legal documents obtained by the publication.

The singer’s accuser, who filed under the name Jane Doe, is suing the entertainer in connection with her doctor bills, punitive damages and emotional distress.

The woman had the test done after learning through the news that Usher told a court he had Herpes in a 2012 lawsuit he subsequently settled for $1.1 million.

In the woman’s initial suit, according to the outlet, she told the court that she had sex twice with the Grammy-winning artiste.

In their first sexual encounter, at the woman’s Atlanta residence on April 16, she reportedly performed oral sex on the singer and they later had intercourse with a condom.

Their second encounter was reportedly unprotected, and took place in a hotel on April 28 in New Orleans.

In legal docs in the first case, initially published by Radar Online, Usher said he initially learned he had Herpes around 2009-2010.

The woman alleges that Usher said he was not infected with Herpes despite a ‘greenish discharge’ from his genitalia, leading her to continue having sex with him. She was eventually diagnosed with Herpes, experiencing symptoms including vaginal sores, fevers and chills.

Around 2011-2012, according to legal docs, Usher paid an approximate $2,754 in medical bills.


Photo caption: Woman sues usher for testing positive after having unprotected sex