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THG’s CEO Slams Telecommunication Companies

THG’s CEO Slams Telecommunication Companies

(Mar. 24, 2017) — As Nevisians continue to express disappointment in the services offered by the island’s telecommunication companies, one entrepreneur has written an open letter which outlines how the alleged poor service has impacted his business.


Dear FLOW and Digicel

I have had to put up with your execrable service for decades, so I already had low expectations. However, over the past year as I worked to establish my company in Nevis, a company that depends on telecommunications, I have had to endure an inadequacy of service that surpassed even my most morbid imaginings. It is remarkable that repeated calls and visits to your offices have been met with what can only be described as a wall of indifference. Your representatives however, are wonderful and professional under the circumstances.

How much more must we take? It is not bad enough that the mobile coverage can barely cope with our 36 sq mile island, and we have places where service is simply non-existent? We have also tolerated the disappearing credit on pre-paid mobile phones and the extortionate bills on post-paid. We are frequently without internet service for extended periods, with no explanation, no apology, and no compensation. Last weekend, for example, there was no service for most of the day on Saturday and only intermittent service on Sunday. This deplorable situation has continued well into this week.

Mind you, this from two companies that have absolutely no compunction about cutting off service abruptly, sometimes in mid-conversation if a customer payment is so much as a minute late.

I am fed up, Nevis is fed up, and indeed the entire Caribbean region is fed up with your deplorable service and supercilious indifference to our dissatisfaction. Year after year you collect and expatriate millions of dollars in profit from our tiny economies with your neocolonialist company structure and duopolistic chokehold on our telecommunications market, while service deteriorates.

I am aware that my public cries may jeopardise our professional relationship, but you must understand that your and subsequent unconcern has already compromised that relationship; I am no longer content to suffer in silence.

We need a new player in the telecommunications industry. I am seeking persons to invest in the St. Kitts and Nevis telecommunications industry, and I may be contacted at hanleygroup1@gmail.com.

Clearly, this is not working and poor people FED UP!!!


Mervin Hanley


Photo Caption: Mervin Hanley, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of THG Network